This is America, and in America, we like it fast. 8 Minute Abs too long for you? How about Seven Minute Abs? Instant coffee not fast enough? How about coffee that gets peed out before you even make it?  5 Minute Horror taking too long? How about "Scares"? Short, guerrilla style horror films guaranteed to liquify your intestines before you can make it to the bathroom! Enjoy!

Beast Eaters!

Ah, yes! The delightful taste of another living being's flesh sliding down your gullet, lubed by grease and condiments! The warm feeling you get that, once again, in the life or death struggle for dominance, you have come out on the side of life, and death, when it happens to others, is really delicious! "Beast Eaters" shows us the secret sauce behind the best dish in town. Bon Apetite!

At All Times!

Superpowers are easy to come by, if your brain is twitching like a radioactive spider! Check out this movie and see for yourself why having a superpower is awesome!

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