Friday, July 22, 2016

CONTEST! Write for 5 Minute Horror!

Hey, Gang! We got a contest for you!

The video below, "Gander", is all images, no dialogue. It will be up here for you to check out for the next four weeks. Check it out, and make sense of the images as they appear. In short, you write the story!

You can write the story as a work of prose, or if you're really daring, write it as a voice over. Send them to us at We will read all entries, choose the top five (what other number would we choose?) and post the winning creations here.

There will be prizes for the winners-- shirts, caps, etc. with the 5 Minute Horror logo, to thank you for being a fan of short form horror!

So, Fright Fans, start your creative engines! Help us horrify you! Get ready for "Gander"! Let's find out who the storytellers are!

                                                           --Gruesome and Doc

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Check out this new "Scares" video from 5 Minute Horror! (Just be sure to take your shades off first.) "Darkness"!

There is nothing more terrifying than Darkness. It leaves us blind and defenseless against nocturnal terrors. It makes friends and lovers seem strange, foreign and unknowable. It turns every item into a threat, and makes us easy prey for the real threats, the things that go bump in the night. Darkness is scary. Plus, look how much it saves us on production value. Woo-hoo!!